MoodleMooters – all about networks and sharing

What do you call a group of Learning Designers, System Analysts, System Administrator and a Developer? I’m not sure either but we are a group of five at MoodleMoot 2016 conference. What’s Moodle, you ask? Moodle is our online learning system, what we know as iLearn.

We’re finding out what are the latest developments that we can look forward to.  Today has been workshops on Assessment, Mobile Learning, Learning Analytics, Online Course Design, as well as a Developer Jam.  I don’t know what goes on in the Jam but our Developer extraordinaire, Fran Bunadi has said that they’ve come up with some good solutions.

My good news of the day is that the Lesson module in Moodle is in working order.  This is a great tool for branching or a  scenario learning path, think of the old choose your own adventure books. The tool allows for embedding of interactive elements that also feed into the gradebook.  Previously there was an issue with students not being able to review their answers once they had submitted but now it’s fixed and working tickety-boo.  (If this is something you’re interested in trying in your iLearn unit, you can contact your Faculty Learning Designers by emailing


Fidel Fernando, our official photographer
Fidel Fernando, our official photographer

We also took the opportunity to have a happy snap (above) with Moodle founder, Martin Dougiamis, (who created Moodle as an experiment in his PhD research, based on a social constructionist learning theory).  L-R: Rebecca Ritchie, Senior Learning Designer; Shamim Joarder, System Analyst; Martin Dougiamis; Michael Mendoza, System Administrator; Franskiska Bunadi, Web Developer and Fidel Fernando, Learning Designer took the great photo.


Over the next two days there will be a lot of sessions from the various sectors using Moodle, sharing their experiences and ideas in using the system and others that ‘plug-in’ to Moodle.    One we are keen to hear more about is Competency Based Education, a newly developed feature.  I’ll be presenting on Thursday morning about managing design iteration, hopefully it won’t be too boring!


3 thoughts on “MoodleMooters – all about networks and sharing”

  1. Keen to see some new client-facing features from a design and student user experience perspective (as well get to know some of the nerdy back-end ones that are awesome only to nerds).

    And good luck with your presentation – I’m sure based on your previous tips it won’t be boring!

  2. When are these new features and updates to lesson module, competency based education, etc being implemented in iLearn?

    1. Lesson module improvements are available now, competencies will be in the February ’17 iLearn update.

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