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MOOCs And Their Influence At Macquarie

Recently, a Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) was held on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at Macquarie.

MOOCs are growing, in their reach and prominence, at a highly accelerated pace. Macquarie is one of 149 partners of Coursera, one of the world’s leading MOOC providers. Coursera began in 2012 with only a few hundred thousand enrolments and 30 university partners. In just 5 years, Coursera’s 2000+ courses now reach approximately 25 million learners* worldwide.

Since 2013, roughly 200,000 students have enrolled in 4 Macquarie MOOCs and 3 MGSM MOOCs.  Macquarie MOOCs are offered through two platforms, Coursera and Open 2 Study. The Faculty of Business and Economics is currently producing a four-part specialisation MOOC on the business case uses of Excel, to be delivered through Coursera.  A vast majority of students completing the Macquarie MOOCs are international, with engagement across Europe and South America, along with Asia and Africa.

Student Perspective

MOOCs can provide recruitment pathways for future students at Macquarie. For domestic students, Macquarie offers three bonus points towards a degree for those completing the Big History MOOC. For International students, Macquarie offers several scholarships. Adidev, an international student from India, came to Macquarie via a scholarship, after completing the Big History MOOC. Adidev presented at the LTX event and for those who missed it, below he shares his story, on how MOOCs have influenced his life.

For current Macquarie students, MOOCs can supplement their studies, by providing complementary content that aligns with their curriculum. Sam Crouch, a current Arts student studying Security Studies and Data Analytics, found doing a MOOC in addition to his full-time study load enhanced his university experience and academic knowledge. Sam discusses this in the video below.

Why a MOOC?

As we continue to invest in infrastructure to support learning and teaching spaces on Campus, the question arises, how does Macquarie benefit by offering free online education?

At the recent LTX, Professor Sherman Young, along with Professor Lesley Hughes, Dr Andrew McKenna and Michael Rampe, who have all been involved in MOOCs, touched on their ideas and perspectives around the influences of MOOCs at Macquarie.

MOOCs are a way of expanding our reach and reputation,” said Professor Sherman Young. “There’s over 200 000 people that have engaged with Macquarie learning, that perhaps would not have otherwise. If you look at the demographic breakdown of the Macquarie Big History MOOC, it’s global”.

Dr Yvonne Breyer recently visited Coursera headquarters in California and reflected, “the place hums with activity and everything inside reminds us of learning and learners. One of the coolest features was a wall of photos with portraits of learners. I wish we had something like that here. It is a great reminder of why we come to work every day.”

Coursera HQ
Coursera HQ

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If you missed the LTX event, “MOOCs at Macquarie” – an Echo360 recording is available here [a MQ OneID is required to log in]. Please note: the last 10 minutes were cut off, which missed the student perspective. Hence, refer to the two student videos above.

*figures at time of publishing. Coursera.org