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Meet a new staff member from the LTC – Danny Liu

The Learning and Teaching Centre’s staff have diverse roles, and each member brings their own set of skills and experiences, interests and passions.  Sometimes it can help to know a bit about a person – you can gain an appreciation of how they could help you and where they are coming from.

LTC has recently recruited a new Academic Developer, Dr Danny Liu. If you are curious about what an AD does and how they could help you, why not read on and meet Danny who is AD for the Faculty of Business and Economics.

What were you doing before coming to Macquarie University?

Before coming to Macquarie University I was convening, lecturing, mentoring staff, and teaching in tutorials and labs in a few large (1500 students) first-year biology courses at Sydney University. On the side I was redeveloping curriculum, writing teaching and learning apps, trying out new learning technologies, doing some research, and helping other academics with student engagement and active, inquiry-based learning. I was lucky enough to even win some university and national teaching awards along the way including a VC Award and the OLT Award for Teaching Excellence last year.

What is your role at the LTC?

My role here at the LTC is rather diverse. It ranges from helping academics one-on-one with their teaching development, sharing technology-infused ways of teaching, guiding curriculum renewal efforts, strategic learning and teaching planning, working on faculty and cross-institutional projects, and I still get the chance to write code, which is great. All of this is wrapped up in the nebulous-sounding ‘academic developer’ role.

What are some of your projects here at Macquarie University?

Everyone here has been nice enough to let me squeeze myself into their projects. I’m passionate about technology, student engagement, and the learning and teaching culture, so I’m working on projects like using machine learning to predict and assist at-risk students, redeveloping first-year macroeconomics and physics for active learning and student engagement, and an intriguing student-led project looking at effective teaching from a student perspective. I can see the passion people here have for good teaching, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

What is your favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show would have to be Simpsons – I grew up watching it, the humour works on so many levels, and apparently some of my mannerisms are Homer-esque. Also I’m a fan of Stargate (I’m a sci-fi fan) and recently got into Person of Interest – it’s amazing to think what a benevolent AI is capable of.

What is your favourite/signature dish and why?

I love a good home-cooked steak. Quick and easy, and more cost-effective than restaurant steak (I’m rather cheap). Plus protein keeps you feeling full for longer.


2 thoughts on “Meet a new staff member from the LTC – Danny Liu”

  1. Thanks for the profile, Chris – and welcome aboard the good ship MQ, Danny. Good to hear that your preference is for benevolent AI. PoI’s Samaritan is machine-learning taken just a shade too far, don’t you think? All the very best for the AD work to come – we’re extremely lucky to have you and the LTC team supporting MQ’s L & T enterprise.

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