How do we make academic writing happen?

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Word-cloud of chapter “An intimate circle: reflections on writing as women in higher education”

Picture yourself with a writing deadline looming. The telephone is ringing, the inbox overflowing, students or colleagues want your attention. Upon reading the 1000 words you have just written, you delete them and start again. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are probably wondering: how can I make my writing happen in everyday life?

Writing groups are a great solution for this common dilemma. Writing Groups for Doctoral Education and Beyond: Innovations in practice and theory edited by Claire Aitchison and Cally Guerin, whose work can also be seen on Doctoral Writing SIG, explores writing groups in their diverse forms, approaches to writing and their potential to support and develop academic writers.

The LTC writing group consisting of Agnes Bosanquet, Jayde Cahir, Elaine Huber, Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger and Anna Rowe has contributed a chapter to this book. In An intimate circle: reflections on writing as women in higher education we explore our experience as women writers in academia drawing on our reflections as PhD candidates and early career researchers. Another publication from this group is From speed dating to intimacy: methodological change in the evaluation of a writing group.

These outputs illustrate how we make academic writing happen. For guidelines on establishing your own writing group, refer to A concise guide to establishing a writing group.

Written by:  Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger, Learning and Teaching Centre