Macquarie’s Top 40: What we’re watching on

We’ve only just launched but hundreds of Macquarie staff and students are already discovering a world of new possibilities. We’re counting down the most popular videos and courses watched so far – and the diversity of subject areas might suprise you…

What we’re watching

It seems lot of us are heeding the ubiquitous calls to learn to code, and we’re also hunting for ways to get more out of Office365 (no surprises there!).  We’re also keen on teaching tips (flipping the classroom, teaching future-ready students, foundations of online instruction) as well as employability and inclusive design.  We’re also getting up to speed with social media (#FOMO?), as well as ‘soft’ skills like communication and time management.  Read the Top 40 in full below!

Counting down the Top 40 most popular videos

Follow the links to view the courses; note you’ll need to log in (more info here.)

(40) Information Literacy
(39) The Practicing Photographer
(38) Teaching Future-Ready Students

Preview of Teaching Future-Ready Students by Kevin Brookhouser

(37) Foundations of UX: Accessibility
(36) Up and Running with Audacity
(35) Word 2016 Essential Training
(34) Job Hunting for College Grads
(33) Statistics with Excel Part One
(32) Foundations of Networking: Networking Basics
(31) SQL Essential Training
(30) Excel 2013 Essential Training
(29) Management Tips
(28) WordPress Essential Training
(27) Project Management Simplified
(26) Master Common Interview Questions
(25) Web Design Fundamentals
(24) Learn the Linux Command Line: The Basics
(23) Communicating with Confidence
(22) Universal Principles of Design
(21) Up and Running with LinkedIn
(20) Presentation Fundamentals

Preview of Presentation Fundamentals by Tatiana Kolovou

(19) Programming Fundamentals in the Real World
(18) Study Skills Fundamentals
(17) Learn Microsoft Power BI Desktop: The Basics
(16) Teacher Tips
(15) Getting Started in Photography
(14) Foundations of Online Instruction
(13) SPSS Statistics Essential Training
(12) Up and Running with Python
(11) Note-Taking for Business Professionals
(10) Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence
(9) Flipping the Classroom
(8) Managing your Time
(7) Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
(6) Office 365: Outlook Essential Training

Preview of Office 365: Outlook Essential Training by Jess Stratton

(5) Time Management tips
(4) Getting Started in Audio and Music Production
(3) Communication Fundamentals
(2) Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
(1) JavaScript and AJAX

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  1. Interesting stats! It’d be interesting to see the overall numbers too and not just the ranking.

    P.S. I suspect JavaScript and AJAX is number 1 because COMP249 students were linked to it 🙂

    1. Great to hear that academics are already using Lynda as part of their learning design – thanks Arun!

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