Macquarie leads a national Real Science initiative

The economy of the future relies heavily on the development of students engaging with the Science, Technology and Mathematics.  Opening Real Science (ORS) is a Government initiative to involve experts in the fields of science, maths, IT and education.

The outcome of this collaboration has been to develop 25 online modules which support preservice teachers to boost their knowledge of these subjects and better equip them to inspire students to embrace these subjects.

Ultimately the project aims to ensure students are provided with innovative and engaging learning experiences that will  encourage them to explore and enquire about maths and the sciences and prepare them for the economy of the future.

At Macquarie University these modules are currently being trialled by embedding various modules across a number of units.  Each module is equivalent to 30 hours of work which include practical and accessible components.

For more information on this initiative please visit the Opening Real Science website.

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