LTX Event – ‘Student as Partners’ Panel

The faculty of Business and Economics in collaboration with the Learning Innovation Hub is proud to kick off the “Students as Partners” series of LTX events (for those of you unfamiliar, LTX stands for Learning and Teaching Exchange).  On March 21st, 1pm-2pm, a panel of student representatives from FBE will share their experiences in class – from group work to teaching delivery and student engagement. In the second half of the event, the audience is invited to ask questions and engage with the panel, so please bring along any burning questions you might have!

The student panel has been chosen from the pool of the amazing students of FBE’s Unit and Department Representatives Program. These representatives are selected from individual units and act as a bridge between the students and the unit convenor, providing feedback in written reports.

Both the academic staff and the students have found this program extremely helpful. The convenors value the objective feedback and potential to enhance the unit during the session. Similarly, students appreciate that their voices are heard and valued, and this encourages the students and helps motivate their engagement in class. The value of this program is clear to see from its spectacular rise in uptake – the number of unit representatives has increased from 28 (across 4 units) in Session 1, 2015 to 125 (across 18 units) in Session 2, 2016.

So if you’d like to delve a little deeper into student experience, come along for the hour. The panel will be around after 2pm so you can drink some tea and ask more questions!

Date: Tuesday, March 21st

Time: 1pm-2pm

Location: Y3A T1

Register: Here

A Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) is a chance to connect with colleagues to open conversations about new ideas and strategic initiatives in learning and teaching, and practical ways to implement them. LTXs are a free exchange of ideas aimed at promoting communications across the learning and teaching community at Macquarie. The events are primarily aimed at teaching staff looking for practical ideas that are applicable in their own practice, or different ways to approach new strategic directions. Presenters are mostly practitioners who are implementing these new ideas, along with key champions within the community. We encourage a diversity of presenters, try to involve students as much as possible and involve external speakers from time to time. If you have ideas for an LTX, please contact