Looking Good! iLearn’s design changes for Session 2

iLearn logoiLearn will look quite different from session 2. The new theme gives a fresh look and fixes some issues around design and usability, including a more responsive design for smaller screens. Most fundamentals, however, are roughly the same.

Watch the video to view changes here.

While the new theme adapts to mobile device screens, not all activities are optimised for these devices and construction of and work in a unit, including any assessment activities, should be done in a computer browser.

What do I need to do?
Nothing for the moment. We’ll send more information, to both staff and students, with the iLearn update on 9 July, when most units for Session 2 will be moved onto the new theme.

Can I use the new theme now?
Yes, you can apply the new theme to a unit in development or your sandbox by selecting ‘Macquarie University Moodle Theme’ under Tools > Edit settings > Appearance > Force theme.

The theme has been comprehensively tested, but nothing is perfect: if you find issues or have suggestions, please submit these to OneHelp.

Click the thumbnail below to see an overview of the new theme. Note: This is the numbered version. As with the current theme, you will be able to change between ‘Numbered’ and ‘Unnumbered’ versions when unnumbered is included in an update in July.


Navigation changes

  • The Navigation and Tools tabs are now in a navigation bar at the top
  • In larger screens, the navigation bar remains available at the top of the page when scrolling down
  • My profile, privacy settings and log out are now under the name of the user in the top navigation bar (in line with other services, eg Gmail, where account settings and logout are accessed in this way)
  • We have added a footer with useful links
  • Editing icons are a little larger and are monochrome: note that the update/configure icon has changed from a pencil-&-paper to a cog shape.
  • Editing icons for each topic now sit above the topic heading: you will need to use the ‘move’ icon rather than drag by the topic heading to change topic order
  • Book and Lesson activities now have their Navigation block on the more-usual left. (This will affect some resources that refer to the menu ‘on the right’.)

Design changes

  • Generally updated design, based on the framework (Bootstrap) that will be the standard for themes in Moodle.
  • No separate faculty themes, though faculties will have a block that is updateable directly by faculty staff.
  • Text is larger and more readable and tables are easier to format.
  • Gradebook has a custom horizontal scroll to improve its usability and blocks have been removed from the view to maximise usable space
  • Long forum discussion threads are handled better.
  • The design is responsive, moving between large and small (mobile device) screens.
    For small screens:

    • The blocks move below content
    • Images will automatically resize
    • Navigation and Tools menus are found by clicking ‘Dock’
    • Forum threads will lose indents to maximise space


For more info, please contact the author, Natalie Spence (Educational Developer, Learning and Teaching Centre)  via natalie.spence@mq.edu.au.

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