Legrand Buan awarded “Outstanding New PAL Leader”

Macquarie University’s very own Legrand Buan was awarded the title of “Outstanding New PAL Leader” at this year’s National PASS Forum held at the University of Wollongong.

Legrand and experienced PAL leader Mary Auguste were invited to attend the PASS forum based on their superior performance and commitment to FBE’s PAL program. Several hundred applications were received by UOW PASS National Centre from over 23 institutions across Australia. Only a handful of students were selected for commendation of outstanding performance.

To be nominated for the award, a peer leader must demonstrate an exceptional combination of creativity, commitment and leadership to PAL at their institution. Applicants were assessed on aptitude and applicability of peer learning theory, student engagement methods and content delivery.

Legrand facilitates both ACCG101 (Accounting) and BUSL250 (Business Law) PAL sessions for FBE. Last semester, Legrand made significant contribution to BUSL250 PAL sessions by writing, structuring and delivering PAL workshops in an innovative and engaging manner. BUSL250 PAL sessions piloted at the beginning of this year. PAL leaders had limited resources and were thus required to draw on their own creativity to structure PAL workshops. Despite the challenge, Legrand attracted exemplary student engagement and participation rates in his first semester of PAL.

Legrand’s achievement was commended at the PASS Forum Awards last month which attracted delegates from all around the world.

“For me, the best thing about PAL is the people you meet. Students who attend my sessions come from anywhere and everywhere, and more often than not, have an interesting story to tell. What I love most about PAL is the open-minded and friendly atmosphere that promoted in the sessions. I believe this is the best environment to learn and grow in. Nothing beats knowing that these students leave the room with a smile on their face.” – Legrand Buan.

When asked how Legrand manages to connect so well with his students he said: “I always aim to establish ties with my fellow students, to get to know them, to view things from their perspective, and place their own goals as my own. In effect, not only does this make your PAL sessions more engaging and beneficial to students; the PAL leader benefits by handling crowds. In PAL, you learn how to deal with people, and no matter which career pathway you take, this is a skill that can take you far.”

Legrand’s draws motivation and inspiration from helping his peers achieve their learning goals.

Congratulations Legrand!