Learning and Teaching Grants 2015 : Hold the dates!

While final touches are being made to the new online internal learning and teaching grants portal, the following submission deadlines have been scheduled to assist in preparing for the year ahead:

Innovation and Scholarship Program (ISP) Grants:

2 April 2015 (Round 1) and 24 August 2015 (Round 2)

Extension Grants (new):

2 April 2015 (Round 1) and 24 August 2015 (Round 2)

Strategic Priority Grants (new):

24 May 2015

Strategic Infrastructure Scheme (MQSIS):

23 November 2015

Guidelines are available here. Please be aware that earlier Faculty deadlines may apply, and in the first instance, staff interested in applying for a grant should contact Faculty / Office learning and teaching contacts.

All staff will be invited to attend a learning and teaching grants information exchange that will be held on 17 February 2015 from 10.30am to 11.30am in E6A 131 (to register, please click here). At this session, grants support staff will provide an overview of grants schemes and the new portal for submissions. It will also provide a forum to meet other staff interested in learning and teaching projects and research.

An official launch of the grant schemes and portal will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

For an overview of the current round of projects for the Teaching and Delivery grant 2014 program read the article Ideas anyone? Ideas, rocks and Cathedrals

Learning and Teaching Grants General Enquiries:

Laura Heron
Project Manager – PVC L&T
Email: mailto:laura.heron@mq.edu.au
Phone: 02 9850 1089