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Digital design partnerships at Learning and Teaching Week

Each session educational developers and designers from the Learning and Teaching Centre team up with academic teaching staff who have plans to enhance the learning experience of their students through implementing curriculum change. Learning and Teaching Week was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of these partnership projects from all faculties.

Prof Cath Dean and Sherrie Love showcased their online community unit which supports their Physiotherapy students while they complete their work placements in organisations across Sydney. The community building unit uses iLearn forums and databases to facilitate student generated content in a constructive and positive online environment.


Dr Alex Woods showed how she and Dr Yann Tristant have redesigned an Egyptian Archaeology unit to include 3D Digital Scans.

Dan Daugaard has recently introduced polling into his Applied Finance unit and has found this to be a very useful tool for engaging students in large lectures, and even revealing knowledge deficits which can be addressed on the spot during the lecture.

Dr Paul Hesse‘s Environment and Geography students are often engaged in fieldwork, and he has been working with the LTC team to develop a peer-marking tool for smartphones. Students access the free Qualtrics offline survey to provide feedback to their peers’ presentation while out in remote locations.


Dr Melanie Bishop has very successfully flipped her marine biology unit.  She provides rich and varied content in her iLearn unit and engages students in blogging and tweeting prior to them participating in highly interactive workshops.

Dr Elizabeth Sheedy has also started to flip her unit in Applied Finance. She has restructured the learning resources and activities to facilitate the flipped delivery and has received positive feedback from her students.

Dr Rod Lane worked with the LTC team to redesign his unit for a fully online delivery. Rod introduced a new work flow model for the students using a fortnightly modular structure with interesting and engaging resources and activities.

All of these academics came together in a symposium to showcase their units and to discuss learning design with their colleagues – the result was a stimulating and inspiring symposium.

Applications open soon for the Faculty Partnership Program in S1 2015 – more details available here.

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