Learning analytics – where would you like to go?

Hailed as a “game changer” for 21st century education, learning analytics is a buzzword often used but not widely understood. It even appears a few times in the draft Learning and Teaching Strategy. But what is it, what’s being done about it, and how can you feed into the discussion? We want to hear from you – join us at the learning analytics symposium during Learning and Teaching Week.

The symposium is on Wednesday 16 September, 9.30am-11am, where we will hear from six Macquarie University initiatives in this space, and open the floor for discussion on “where to next?”.

Spaces are filling fast, so register for the symposium to hear from these speakers and share your thoughts:

  • Prof. Lori Lockyer (School of Education) on an Office of Learning and Teaching project looking at Completing the Loop: providing meaningful analytics for university teachers.
  • James Hamilton (Learning and Teaching Centre) on getting ready for learning analytics at Macquarie, including a Code of Practice.
  • Dr Janise Farrell (Faculty of Business and Economics) on using learning analytics from within iLearn for early intervention.
  • Chandra Acharya (Macquarie Analytics) on the central Macquarie Analytics office.
  • Shamim Joarder (LTC) on an iLearn dashboard for academics to analyse the performance of activities and units.
  • Scott Fatt (merit scholar) and Dr Danny Liu (LTC) on addressing student and staff needs of learning analytics at Macquarie.

And if you’re keen to find out more, come to the Moodle Engagement Analytics session on Tuesday afternoon of Learning and Teaching week to get some first-hand experience at an iLearn learning analytics tool currently being developed and researched at Macquarie. You can also read more about learning analytics right here on Teche.

If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch.