Braille Font Keys, Image courtesy of Hans, Pixabay,

I’ve got designs on you……

Who do you have in mind when you design or add content to your unit?

Braille Font Keys, Image courtesy of Hans, Pixabay, needs of students with disabilities are often overlooked when academics are designing and building an online unit.  Sometimes it is due to time constraints, busy workloads or not knowing where to seek help. Online learning should be an even playing field, even if you are unaware of students with any special learning needs, you should be designing and building as if there are.  ‘But where do you find help?’ I hear you ask.  This great resource from the LTC tackles how to make the online learning experience accessible for all students, covering  web links, text documents, images and audio, just to name a few.  It is a great practice to adopt accessibility considerations in any educational resource that you create. For further reading and resources, the Flexible Learning Advisory Group also has a great website or contact LTC’s Michael Grant ( for ideas and assistance.