It’s student survey time again

The survey order site for unit and teaching surveys will open on Monday, 14 March 2106 – day 1 of Week 3.

As has been the case for the past four years, 21 days notice (for most surveys) is required between the date you order the survey, and the date you want the survey forms delivered or an online survey to start.

Early feedback surveys

As the name implies, Early Feedback surveys are designed to be used early in the study period, usually Weeks 3 or 4 of the study period; only seven days notice is required. These surveys can be ordered prior to the survey site being opened – please email if you wish to survey during Weeks 1, 2, or 3.

“Early” surveys are recommended for those new to teaching or for new units or units which have been significantly changed since their last offering. Conducting the survey early in the period may identify changes you can make immediately.

Requirements – unit surveys (LEU)

It is recommended that unit surveys be carried out on a scheduled basis so that, all things being equal, your unit is surveyed every second or third offering. It is not necessary to survey every offering as valid survey results are reasonably stable over the short term and little is gained by frequent surveys. Further, over-surveying results in survey fatigue and student disengagement. Please contact your faculty Associate Dean Learning & Teaching or Quality & Standards, or regarding your unit’s need for a survey.

Requirements – teaching surveys (LET)

Teaching surveys at Macquarie are designed to inform personal reflection on your teaching practice. It is recommended that you survey one or two of your classes each study period. Again, it is not necessary that you survey all of your classes.

Online surveys

While it is possible to get valid results using online surveys, the experience to date has been poor, with faculty success rates in 2015 ranging from 4% to 12%. Online surveys can be successful when conducted in-class in a room with sufficient band-width.


If you have any questions regarding student surveys please email or