Where are iTeach and Unit Guides headed?

There have been roughly 4 million pageviews for Unit Guides, and 300,000 for iTeach this year alone — and there are still 4 months left to go! So it’s fair to say these systems are heavily used. But where are these systems headed? What changes have been made this year?

Changes in 2016

There have been 10 releases (updates) to iTeach/Unit Guides this year, with about 100 issues resolved thus far. These updates happen about once a month, and mostly consist of bug fixes, minor improvements, and tweaks based on policy changes. Notable changes include:

  • The introduction of the Is my unit in iLearn? feature, providing a real-time status of iLearn spaces/units
  • Changes to accomodate OUA unit guides
  • Enabling unit guides to be published for the upcoming calendar year (to accommodate earlier enrolments)
  • Modifications to accommodate the new assessment policy

Aims for 2017 Session 1

Apart from gradual improvements and ongoing operational changes, we hope to pilot two features for Session 1, 2017:

1. Support for program level mappings

Fictitious example of mapping assessment tasks to program level outcomes
Fictitious example of mapping assessment tasks to program level outcomes

This will enable us to capture relationships between units (unit guides) and program level outcomes. Once these relationships are captured, we can visualise this information, produce reports and do other useful things.

2. Auto-population of iLearn groups based on class registrations in AMIS/eStudent


This would mean iLearn groups would be up-to-date without someone (e.g. you or a department administrator) manually populating them with students. Just imagine the time saved!

As you can imagine, both these features are complex to implement — so we’re only hoping to launch a simple version (a Minimum Viable Product or MVP), with access restricted to only a few selected people. Although only a small set of people will get access to these features, your feedback and involvement can still help shape these projects. Which leads me to…

Getting involved and leaving feedback

Do you have feedback? Great! To begin with, I’d suggest checking out the presentation slides from my Tech Talk. It has stats and screenshots and other goodies.

Then, if you want to discuss things publicly, just leave a comment below! But please note that the comments section may not be monitored after August.

To leave non-public feedback before September 15th, just email me (arun.neelakandan@mq.edu.au).

To leave non-public feedback after September 15th, contact the Learning Innovation Hub via OneHelp (the easiest way is to email help@mq.edu.au).

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