iTeach: one place for creating Unit Guides and activating iLearn spaces

This week the Unit Guide system became part of iTeach.

Staff can now publish unit guides and activate and administer their iLearn spaces in one

Students and the public can view published unit guides at

Improved User Experience

Unit Guide

Staff logging in to iTeach will notice a fresh look and some changes to the way the site works.  We’ve simplified the unit guide creation process, improved the formatting and taken out some of the steps required to publish a unit guide.  In addition, the public unit guides site is now mobile-friendly.

Mobile View

Session 2 Units

Session 2 2014 units will be made available to departments to allocate  to staff from 16 June.  Your department will let you know once you have been assigned a unit to manage.

Getting Help

Quick Guides and resources for the new site are now available from  

Email to request help or report any technical issues.

More support and Drop-in Clinics for using the new iTeach  will be provided in the lead-up to Session 2 .  Please email Lucy Arthur, Portfolio Projects Manager, Learning and Teaching Centre, with any queries (