iTeach improvements – New look homepage!

Remember (or maybe not) that thing you have to do at most every six months? That system called iTeach? You know, where go to activate your iLearn space and unit guide? Ah yes, that does ring a bell… How does it work again?

You can’t be expected to remember something you only look at once or twice a year, so some changes have been made to make it simple to work out what to do. The homepage now has a much clearer look, with two buttons making it easy to see where to go to set up your unit guide and iLearn space for the coming session.

You might also notice some additional prompts to help make sure your unit guide meets the new assessment policy. For example, you’ll receive a prompt if one assessment task is more than 60% or if you have fewer than two assessment tasks.

This is just part of more work being done to improve iTeach including projects to support program level mapping and auto-population of tutorial groups in iLearn.