Invitation to the GLP Innovative Leaders Series

The GLP’s Innovative Leaders Series is less than a week away & you’re invited!

The Innovative Leaders Series (ILS) aims to inspire an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, providing you with access to the lessons and insights of successful leaders that have resulted in positive change through innovation and leadership.

This biannual event is held at the Macquarie University North Ryde campus, and hosts GLP students and members of the wider Macquarie community for a keynote address, followed by Q&A and a facilitated networking session with drinks and canapés.

Both the event and keynote speaker are reflective of the feedback received from students. Students want access to pioneering leaders from diverse disciplines, backgrounds and motivations. Students want practical tips and tools that can be applied to their personal and professional lives.

With keynote by Jirra Lulla Harvey, a Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri woman and Founder and Director of Kalinya, a Koorie owned Communications Agency.

Jirra is in the business of storytelling – stories of cultural knowledge and resilience, stories on how Indigenous knowledge can inform value-driven business and stories of diverse representation.

“I wanted to contribute to changing the narrative. So much time is spent identifying our problems, naming our challenges. And so I dreamt of a small, agile business, where I could work on fun and inspiring projects that showed a different side of Aboriginal life: the beauty, the wins, the hard work, the love and resilience that make us who we are.” – Jirra Lulla

Friday 28 April, 5.30pm, Macquarie Theatre

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