People discussing at a table.

Interested in PACE? Then join the CoP!

Communities of practice have long been recognised as valuable form of collective learning; a way to share ideas and strategies, develop solutions to problems, and generate innovations.

The PACE Community of Practice (CoP) has been running successfully since 2010. It’s a group made up of practitioners, researchers, professional staff and HDR students who meet several times a year to discuss a variety of academic and operational issues related to PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) – a signature program of the university which provides experiential and practice based learning opportunities for students.

The CoP is particularly useful to those convening PACE units for the first time, but is open to anyone with an interest in PACE. Members value the group as a forum to promote discussion, share experiences, collaborate, explore ideas, test resources and solicit feedback.

Following principles of good practice, the PACE CoP is self-driven where members decide on topics and the direction of the group. The range of topics covered in meetings and workshops is diverse and has included:

  • providing student feedback
  • research ‘snapshot’ presentations
  • effective curriculum design
  • evaluation
  • partnership development
  • careers/employability

The first meeting for the year will be held on Wednesday 22 March at 1.00pm in 75T 3.Continuum Room (level 3). The topic is PACE learning and teaching resources, with a focus on teaching ethics. A collection of new videos will be showcased, which have been developed to support academics teach ethical practice in PACE.

For further information or to be added to the PACE CoP email distribution list contact