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Influential Pia to discuss Digital Transformation

She was named one of Australia’s most influential women in 2014 and now Pia Waugh is set to share thoughts with the Macquarie University community during Connect More: Learning and Teaching Week 2015.

Pia’s keynote will draw on her experience as a champion of openness in software, knowledge, standards and governance to propose open and collaborative approaches as the best way to meet rapid technological changes.

Learning and Teaching Week, 14-17 September
Learning and Teaching Week, 14-17 September

Her presentation, Collaborative Innovation: Digital Transformation through Stronger Human Networks, looks at how organisations and graduates need to work together for the ‘greater good.’

“Modern universities must play a key role in this connected and collaborative future,” said Pia.

“Not only by creating and sharing new knowledge but by creating graduates who have the skills, creativity, attitudes and values to share and collaborate across disciplines, organisations and the world.”

As an advocate of tech culture and its role in achieving better policy planning, outcomes, public engagement ,and a better public service all round, her upcoming presentation is sure to generate much interest.

Pia is an expert in ‘open government’, where she advocates for the public to be given greater transparancy, making governments more accountable for its decisions. She is also trying to do her part in establishing greater public benefit from publicly funded data, software and research.

What you need to know:

Pia will present her keynote, Collaborative Innovation: Digital Transformation through Stronger Human Networkson Tuesday 15 September between 10.30am and 12.00pm.

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