iLearn’s facelift – benefits for students

As you (hopefully) are aware by now, iLearn is in the throes of a face lift.   If not, catch up here.

While there are benefits for staff, what are the benefits for students?  Here’s our top 5….  iLearn Student Mobile discussion

  1. Mobile friendly!
    Yes, it is true.  iLearn is now mobile friendly but with limitations. Use of iLearn on a mobile device is suitable for:
    • reading or watching content (such as Echo)
    • posting to forums
    • checking out your grades

2.  Easier to see new forum posts iLearn forum new posts

3.  Larger text = easier to read easier to read iLearn

4.  Grades are easier to view iLearn student grades

5.  Cleaner, fresher look and feel New look iLearn


But wait, there’s more!

Unit guides have been improved.  Now much easier to read, better web and print views.  Students can search for unit guides at or use the link on the Macquarie Student homepage.

Here is an example from FOAR301 Special Interest Unit 1.

FOAR301 Unit guide

Click here for the PDF version.