iLearn, iTeach, Unit Guides: What to do when?

To kick off with a bad cliche, the ‘i’s have it!

When you need to do something only once, maybe twice a year, the chances of remembering can be slim.  So here’s a recap of what to do when for iLearn, iTeach and Unit guides.

Please note that you don’t have to complete these steps in any particular order, although ideally, your unit guide determines what is in your iLearn unit.

  1. Create your Unit guide.

    Unit guides need to be created, approved and published 6 weeks prior to the start of Session for External students, 1 week prior for Internal students, as per the Unit Guide Policy.

    1. Log into iTeach Screen Shot -  iTeach
    2. From the dropdown menu, click on My work and select My unit guides
    3. Follow the remaining steps using the instructions on the iTeach staff help page
  2. Create your iLearn unit for the coming session
    Some people expect their units to automatically appear on their iLearn page.  This is not the case, Convenors need to create a  version of their iLearn unit for each Session that it runs.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to do!
    1. Log into iTeach 
    2. From the drop down menu, click on My work and select My iLearn spaces
    3. Follow the remaining steps using the instructions on the iTeach staff help page
3.   Add a link in your iLearn unit to your Unit guide.

Once your Unit Guide has been approved and published, put a link to it in your iLearn unit.  Use this quick guide for instructions.

Remember, you are not alone in this!  Here’s where to get help:
  • email
  • request a one to one appointment with your Faculty Educational Designer by emailing (tip: include in the email 3 time/dates that you are available)
  • drop by the iLearn Drop-in Clinic which returns two weeks before the start of session


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