What’s the process for Session 2 exams?

The exams process for Session 2 2016 will be a simplified version of the process previously used in Session 1 2016. The simplification results from alignment with the new assessment policy, most significantly the requirement for moderation throughout the unit offering.

Given this is the first exam period following the new assessment policy it is strongly recommended that program based committee meetings precede the full Department meeting.


Student Centre Staff will provide Unit Convenors with access to an Exam Results Report (shared document in One Drive). This document incorporates all the information required from S2 Unit Convenors. There is no longer a requirement to complete a separate Unit Convenor Report.


Heads of Department are required to complete the FoHS HOD Examinations Report to Faculty and forward the report and the Minutes of Department Exam Meetings by no later than 9am on Monday 12th December to the:

  • Executive Dean
  • Associate Dean Learning & Teaching
  • Associate Dean Curriculum Quality Assurance.

Final Department results will not be accepted without a completed Department Report to Faculty and meeting minutes.

Department exams meetings should focus on the quality assurance process, including the mitigation of academic misconduct.


The discussion of units should focus on the following three questions:

  • What moderation took place throughout the unit?
  • What quality assurance mechanisms were used when consolidating the final grades?
  • How was the risk of academic dishonesty managed?

Faculty Exam Meeting – Monday 12th December 2016

Department reports should reference the Minutes of Department meetings. The verbal report should pay specific attention to the quality assurance process, with particular attention given to the mitigation of the risk of academic dishonesty, most especially units where the risk of academic dishonesty was not adequately managed and solutions advised for future offerings.

In addition, a very brief verbal report on distribution patterns across levels and the entire department can be included if necessary, together with examples of best practice in dealing with the risk of academic dishonesty. Slides are optional.

Dr Mitch Parsell,  FOHS AD Learning & Teaching

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