Want to help your students succeed at uni and ‘tick off’ a People Unit to boot?

New Academic Communication website

With its diverse demands, varying expectations and the sometimes impenetrable language, studying at university can be an entirely overwhelming experience.

Macquarie University’s Academic Communication  units are designed to equip students at all levels with the high level reading and writing skills required to succeed in any university class.

The problem is many students aren’t aware these units even exist!

To spread the word, Linguistics have set up a new webpage to promote its undergraduate academic communication units:

  • ACBE100-Academic Communication for Business & Economics
  • ACSC100-Academic Communication for the Sciences
  • ACSH100-Academic Communication for the Social Sciences & Humanities

The primary focus of the units is to help students unpack the tangled web of university demands, build confidence and prepare them for academic success.  Classes are clear, inclusive and very supportive with safe learning spaces  where it’s ok to ‘not know’ how to do something.

A short video and a brochure will shortly be available too.

So do your students a favour by promoting the webpage in your learning spaces and units guides – and don’t forget to mention the added bonus that these units count as a People unit!

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