Transitioning from DTS to Special Consideration

We are about to enter the Rapid Improvement Transition Period – moving from DTS to Special Consideration.

Here’s what will happen:

The Disruption to Studies (DTS) Tracker Form will have a new look as of Friday 10th November 2017.  What Unit Convenors will notice is:

1.Each request will be sent to you separately with a unique case number. You may receive multiple requests for the same unit where multiple assessments were impacted.

2. There are three additional options for you to choose from when selecting a remedy. You can now refer cases when you are unable to provide a remedy, and may select “Other” when none of the existing remedies apply.

3. The student’s attachments are now hidden from view as they are only used for the administrative review step to determine if they comply with the University policy requirements for ‘serious and unavoidable’.  This limitation was directed by the University’s Audit and Risk subcommittee of the University Council.

4. You will also notice that the user interface has been improved!Please process the forms as normal for Session 2 units. 

Forms submitted on the old/existing form will continue to be processed on this form.

The NEW Special Consideration Policy and process comes into effect 4 December 2017 for Session 3 units.Please contact the Faculty Student Centre with any questions.

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