Teacher of the Week – Rebecca Ritchie, FoHS Senior Learning Designer

I would like to personally extend a very warm welcome to  Rebecca “Bec”  Ritchie, our new Senior Learning Designer, who has joined Alex “X-Ray” Thackray in the Faculty of Human Sciences Learning and Teaching Design team, based in the Student Centre.

Rebecca RitchieThis is the beginning of an exciting time for L & T design within FoHS and I’m looking forward to introducing the whole team to all Departments as we explore a new model for learning design going forward.

In the lead up to our visits, we have set up a Google doc for all academic staff to feedback on learning design. What are your biggest challenges with learning design in your day to day work? What skills, resources and support do you need to realise your ideas?

And who better to be our Teacher of the Week than Rebecca herself!

A high school teacher of 6 years in Visual Arts, Design & Technology, Rebecca is passionate about education, art, design, postcards and Hello Kitty.  She also worked as a Course Coordinator and Project Officer at  Australian Film Television and Radio School before joining the Learning and Teaching Centre in early 2011.

Welcome again Rebecca!

Mitch Parsell,  AD Learning & Teaching

Teacher of the Week – Rebecca Ritchie

1. How would  you describe the most important characteristics of a great teacher?

  • Being approachable and open to students – someone they can relate to
  • Sparking a sense of curiosity
  • Giving students opportunities to apply what they have learned, in active ways, that have a clear purpose.

2. What’s the biggest challenge you faced as a teacher?

Justifying marks to students and often their parents.  Rubrics were a fantastic tool not just for consistency in marking and outlining expectations to students but also as a way to demonstrate how a task received a certain mark.

3. What has helped you improve your teaching most and why?

Taking the time to stop and reflect after a lesson. Listening to what students are saying about a task or activity while they are completing it, taking it all into consideration as how it could be improved for next time.

4. What’s been your most memorable moment in teaching? 

There have been so many but most embarrassing was tripping backward over a heater as a prac teacher.  Overall, just being in the art rooms with students who wanted to come in and work over lunch and after school because they were so into their work, developing as an artist.

5. Who is your favourite music band? Why?

Beastie Boys.  They’ve got the skills to pay the bills.  I saw them play at Macquarie University as part of the Summersault Festival in 1995, so a special bond with work and when I look over to the music bowl it reminds me of that great day!

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