Rebecca’s Recommended Read: AI and the future of education

The Future of Education: How A.I. and Immersive Tech Will Reshape Learning Forever

This article is a great read!  Let’s start with this quote:

Contemporary learning is still very much archaic.

Do you agree or disagree?  Does it make you fired up?

Let’s keep going…

The article starts by referencing schooling rather than higher ed but it’s still applicable and relevant to HE, so stick with it.  Asserting the key to the future of education is personalized learningexperiential learning and mastery-based learning with the aid of artificial intelligence and immersive technology, this piece reaffirms that we are living in exciting times (not just) in education.  We’re super-close to that sweet spot, of cool, useful technology while becoming increasingly user-friendly.

At a 21 minute read, this is an inspiring and confronting read.   Read the article via Medium.  It could be the launch of an interesting debate!

Digi Lab at Digifest 2016 ©Jisc and Matt Lincoln - design overlay, iD Factory CC BY-NC-ND

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