Prep for Session 1, 2017

Unit readings

20 January – Last day to submit S1 unit reading lists, email with details outlined in the Reading lists section to

iLearn Units for S1, 2017winweb-reminders

1. NowDept Administrators are able to allocate staff in iTeach for S1 2017 unit offerings.
[Quick guide: Assigning staff…]

2. From Now (once the above is done)Convenors have access to activate S1 2017 iLearn units in iTeach (provided staff allocations have been done)
[Quick guide: Activate your iLearn space…]

Unit Guides for S1, 2017

3. Once staff allocations have been doneConvenors can prepare Unit Guides for S1 2017 and submit for approval.
[Quick guides – see Creating Unit Guides]

Note:  Unit Guides are required to be published from within iTeach and, once published, these will become publicly available from

It is also required that a link to this official published Unit Guide is added to your iLearn unit.
How do I do that? See Adding your unit guide to iLearn, it’s super easy!
Unit Guides are required to be published:
  • Externals 6 weeks prior to session start
  • Internals 2 weeks prior to session start

FYIMQ Policy and Procedures for Unit Guides:

Assessment Policy links for your reference:

  • Schedule 1Grading Requirements
  • Schedule 2 Unit Assessment Requirements
  • Schedule 3: Higher Degree Research Assessment Requirements (under development)
  • Schedule 4: Final Examination Requirements
  • Schedule 5: Moderation Requirements

Need help with any of the above?

Email and either Rebecca or Beverley can help!

Beverley and Rebecca, also known Bev & Bec; and as B1 & B2.

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