Psychology Lecture Live Streaming

This year, first year Psychology lectures will be offered both on-campus and live streamed!

  • Video streaming allows you to watch lectures live from your own device wherever you are, whilst also being able to participate and interact as if you were in the theatre.
  • When the lecture commences, simply log in to iLearn and click on the link to enter the live stream. You can use any browser or device and can watch the video from wherever in the world there is sufficient network coverage. If you don’t have your own device, you are welcome to use Macquarie’s computers.

You can log into view the live stream from anywhere with reliable internet access.

Repeat Lecture
Due to high demand for face-to-face lecture space, the Department is offering a repeat lecture on:
Friday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm
T1 Theatre, 29 Wallys Walk (X5B)
If you wish to attend the repeat please enrol via eStudent. 

It’s easy to do:

  1. Log into your iLearn unit a few minutes before the lecture is due to start.
  2. Click on the Active Learning Platform link at the top of the screen.
  3. You will see a timer counting down the minutes until the start of the lecture.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the lecture!

What to do if you have questions or problems?

If you are on-campus, you can visit the IT Helpdesk on the ground floor of Building C5C, Wally’s Walk.

100 level unit students can use this forum.

Otherwise, email AND cc’ to ensure follow-up.

For pedagogical issues email


  • Note that a typical 1-hour live stream consumes an average 1GB of data. Please be aware of your internet data allowances and caps. For best experience connect via strong and stable WiFi connection or wired connection. Experience may vary if using a cellular data connection.
  • Unfortunately, Android devices are not supported for live streaming. Android devices can, however, playback recordings.
  • Recordings of the live stream will available via the ‘Echo Recordings’ link in iLearn. Please allow up to 2 hours from the conclusion of the lecture for the recording to become available.


iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Dear Bev,

I have become a super efficient rubric creator for Turnitin assignments. There is no type of rubric I have not mastered – a standard (weighted) rubric, a custom rubric, or a qualitative rubric! I am, however, completely confounded by the fact that my rubric is never attached to assignments in the Feedback Studio when it’s time to start marking – even though I attach it in the Rubric Manager in iLearn!! What’s going on!?

Rubric Renegade

Dear Rubric Renegade,

Great to hear you’ve tamed the types of Turnitin rubrics!

You’ll find the steps to attach your rubric to assignments in the Feedback Studio a breeze!

Continue reading iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Open iLearn – now even easier to search

iLearn has been open to viewing by all Macquarie staff since December but it wasn’t necessarily easy to remember how to search for a unit. [Wait!  What’s this all about? Catch up here. View who can see what here.]

Our friends in LIH Learning Technologies team have created a search box which has now been added tthe iLearn homepage.  You can search and view any unit from S1, 2016 onward.

Open iLearn search block tool
Open iLearn search block tool


Don’t know what to look for or where to start?  
Here are some suggestions:


Teacher of the week: Matt Bower

Matt Bower is an Associate Professor within the Department of Educational Studies.

After beginning professional life in the actuarial field I decided to return to Macquarie to pursue my passion for Education. I then taught high school mathematics for several years in Sydney and Alice Springs, but also ventured further afield to relief teaching in England and Business English teaching in Japan. The whole time I was fascinated by how technology could be used to enhance learning, so decided to complete a degree specialising in computing and a Master of Education. This led to me designing and teaching an Online Graduate Diploma of IT over in the Faculty of Science, and completing my PhD in how web-conferencing systems could be used to promote more interactive and collaborative computing education. Continue reading Teacher of the week: Matt Bower

Meet your Peer Review of Teaching Leaders

The Peer Review of Teaching initiative is underway in the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Peer Review of Teaching promotes a culture of ongoing reflection and communication amongst academics, leading to quality enhancement in learning and teaching (Sachs & Parsell, 2014). The Faculty Peer Review of Teaching initiative aligns with the Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework: 2015-2020 and the Faculty of Human Sciences strategic plan, Learning 2020. Continue reading Meet your Peer Review of Teaching Leaders

Rebecca’s Recommended Read

My recommended read this time is technically a listen.  In this All in the Mind podcast, from Radio National, Ulrich Boser talks about Learning to learn.

Boser is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, writing and research education issues.  He discusses learning myths, learning techniques and how to optimise what we learn.

We’re living in an era where information is only a click away.  Our historical ways of learning are outdated for the time we are living in. Boser offers up simple, effective techniques and the importance of lifelong learning.