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If Mitch seems even more distracted than usual over the next few days, its because William Gibson’s new novel The Peripheral has finally arrived in Oz. Not just Gibson’s first novel since his 2010 Zeros History, but apparently a return to cyberpunk – a genre which he hasn’t visited for well over a decade.

Somebody’s excited…..

Studywise Update

The Learning Skills Unit recently launched a completely revamped version of StudyWISE, the academic literacy iLearn unit. All commencing students have been automatically enrolled in this unit, which aims to help students broaden their study strategies, write effective assignments, and enhance their academic literacy.  The unit can be found under the ‘Student Support’ section of iLearn.


The Learning Skills team is looking out for real examples of students’ writing which can be annotated to demonstrate the key features of writing different text types in different disciplines.

If you’re interested in being involved in this project, please contact our Faculty Learning Adviser, Dr Florence Ma, at florence.lai.ma@mq.edu.au

And the winners are……

A big congratulations to Associate Professor Kerry Sherman from the Department of Psychology and Dr Robyn Moloney, Senior Lecturer, Department of Education on winning 2015 Faculty of Human Sciences Teaching Fellowship awards.

Robyn’s fellowship will focus on the creation of online resources across eight Education methodology units whilst Kerry will be working on the redesign of PSY224 into a blended format, including the development of “virtual Patients” and expert interviews.

We’ll be chatting with Robyn and Kerry soon so we can include more info about these exciting programs in the next And Gladly.

But wait! There’s more…..

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Tutor Induction Program (TIP) Faculty Review

The Learning and Teaching Centre is currently evaluating Macquarie’s TIP across all Faculties, in particular the content of online and f2f workshops and how these vary across the University.

Proposals for changes are included in this TIP_Proposal Draft(1) document.

Please send feedback on the proposed learning outcomes, participation requirements and suggestions for future workshop offerings to Vanessa Fredericks at vanessa.fredericks@mq.edu.au 

Two Important Meetings

A reminder to all staff about two important forthcoming Faculty Meetings:

Examinations Meeting 

 Date: Wednesday 10 December

Time: 11:30am- 2:30pm- a light lunch will be provided

Venue: X5B 292

Attendees: Heads of department or nominees to present the results, Unit coordinators, Members of Faculty Board and Members of FSQC, other relevant key staff.

As always, we need a quorum of FSQC and Faculty Board members, so that the results can be passed.


 Full Faculty Meeting

 Date: Thursday 11 December

Time: 3.30pm

Venue: Australian Hearing Hub Theatre

Attendees: All Faculty academic and professional staff members

RSVP: By Friday 2 December to Suzane Azzi – fohs_office@mq.edu.au for catering purposes.

Refreshments will be served on Level 1 of the Hearing Hub following the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Talking about plagiarism…..

We’d also like to let you know that, since And Gladly has been posting information and tips about plagiarism, we have experienced a significant reduction in the number of cases referred to the Faculty Academic Honesty Committee.

If you need a refresher, you can find some previous tips here and here.

Contact Lia Saunders if you have an academic honesty matter you’d like to discuss – x 7962 or email lia.saunders@mq.edu.au 


Have you Turnitin-ed??

Recently, the University Discipline Committee received an appeal based on irregularity in the marking process where the assessment mark (based on the quality of the assessment’s content) was released prior to the Turnitin software being used to detect the plagiarism matter.

With the new implementation of the online marking process, the Committee would like to remind all Faculties to ensure (when possible) that Turnitin is utilised prior to the release of a final assessment mark to the student. 

Contact Mitch Parsell with any queries about assessment and using Turnitin.

New S2 Examinations Processes

As many people are aware, commencing this semester, the Faculty will pilot a substantially simplified exams/results process. The aim is to reduce academic staff workload while maintaining quality.

The most obvious changes for unit convenors will be:

1. Simplification of the Convenor Report  to two questions on moderation (Convenor_Report_Template.S2_2014 ). Here is a completed Sample_Convenor_Report as an example. Please be concise – there is no need for great detail. A maximum of 200 words per question will be adequate.

2. In line with the new process, the Faculty Departmental Examinations Report will now be available in Google Docs  and be managed as follows:

  • Unit Convenors can enter information directly into the Examinations Report in Google docs or email the information to the relevant Student Centre Admin staff to populate.
  • The Student Study Package Report will be emailed to unit convenors directly via AMIS.
  •  Unit Convenors will be required to sign the last sheet of the  report and email/scan it  to the respective Student Centre admin staff.

If  you have any questions about the new arrangements, please contact Mitch at mitch.parsell@mq.edu.au or Linda Maher at linda.maher@mq.edu.au

On behalf of Dr Mitch Parsell, Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

PEER Review of Teaching has a new home!

The PEER  Review of Teaching website has been launched less than a week ago, but has already made its presence felt around MQ, around Australia and around the globe. The website contains video and print resources that guide the user through a cycle of peer review of teaching.

They are based on the interactive  PEER Model, which illustrates the interplay of communication, peer review processes and the context in which peer review of teaching occurs. Videos and text-based resources support the reviewer and reviewee to position peer review of teaching as a collegial and mutually beneficial activity and to view teaching as more than mere classroom observation.

The resources form part of an international project [link] funded by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) and were developed in collaboration with Macquarie University (lead institution), La Trobe University (Australia), Lund University (Sweden) and The University of Pretoria (South Africa). Besides the project team members and project partners, the project also involved 24 Macquarie University staff members as co-investigators and Prof. Mick Healey as external evaluator.

The videos and website were produced by Parryville Media.

Written by:        Christa Jacenyik-Trawöger, LTC