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OUA Professional Development Modules: Foundations in Learning, Teaching and Assessment

A message from  Iain Dickson,
Quality Enhancement Coordinator, Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia is delighted to announce the arrival of our new academic professional development modules.

The modules are now available on our Higher Education Learning Management system (HELMS), and we would like to invite academics from your institution to take part in the initial pilot of these modules. The modules are designed to provide practitioners in higher education and vocational education with a foundation in sound learning, teaching and assessment practices for the online learning environment.

The first pilot module is Foundations in Learning, Teaching and Assessment and is scheduled to run from the 5th November till the 17th December 2014.  It is a six-week module suitable for practitioners interested in an  introduction to learning, teaching and assessment practices as applied to online learning.

Please submit your expression of interest for this or any of the other modules by completing the online registration form

Please see the FILTA flyer for more information or contact:

Mandi Axmann, Learning Designer and Academic Professional Development

Tel. +61 (3) 8628 5024      Mob. +61 409 239 376  (Mon – Thurs)

We look forward to your participation in these new professional development modules.




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