Life: Work, Family, Leisure – having it all?

Is it possible to have life balance in academia, particularly as an early career researcher? Does it really exist, what is it, and is it something we really should be aiming for?

The ECR Network have assembled a panel of researchers from different disciplines and different career stages to explore these questions. They will discuss their own lives and provide a realistic picture of the challenges and some of the things that work for them in trying to ‘balance’ work and life outside of work.

Some of the issues the panel will explore include:

  • Building a life outside academia while managing the demand for publications and research on fixed term contracts
  • Finding time to apply for grants, research, spend time with family and still find time to sleep
  • Navigating career needs with the needs of family and spouse… particularly when to pursue your career can mean relocating
  • Managing leadership and service roles with research, family and leisure
  • And more…

 The panel will be moderated by Professor Lesley Hughes and panellists include:

  • Dr Annemarie Nadort, NHMRC Early Career Fellow, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr Jennifer Rowland, Research Development and Training, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Dr Mauricio Marrone, Lecturer, Dept. of Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Dr Noah Bassil, Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research, Faculty of Arts
  • Prof Jennie Hudson, Director, Centre for Emotional Health

 Please REGISTER HERE to join us on Thursday 3 August (12.30pm – 2pm) for this session Life: Work, Family, Leisure – having it all?

The flyer for the poster session is available here

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