Get interactive with VoiceThread!

VoiceThread, it’s easy, engaging and pedagogically versatile! 
[ If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, catch up here: #edtech spotlight overview.]

Here’s a list of upcoming webinars on VoiceThread.  Why not have a look and see whether it’s something you might want to try for Session 3 or even Session 1, 2018 (it’s never too early to start planning! ).
Insider tip: You can register for the session, be emailed a link to the recording and watch at your own leisure!

Screenshot of VoiceThread of an x-ray of a human hand
Example: X-ray image for students to label or discuss pathology

Upcoming Webinars

VoiceThread Basics 3 – Moderating Comments, Private and Threaded Replies, and Copying
In our third workshop in the series, participants will learn how to use comment moderation to formatively assess student work, give private feedback, use threaded commenting, and copy VoiceThreads for use with multiple groups.

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Register online

*One for our Educational Studies colleagues:

K-12 Language Arts with VoiceThread
In this workshop, our guest facilitators Mia Styles and Mary Ellen Davies will showcase a variety of VoiceThreads they have created to engage students in literature and poetry activities. Learn about their global read-alouds, book talks, poetry discussions, and more!

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Register online

Annotate with VoiceThread

Quick Overview

Watch the tutorial videos on the VoiceThread YouTube channel, including:

Recent Webinar Recordings

  • Basics 1 – upload, comment, share (49:54)
  • Basics 2 – groups and secure sharing (56:05)
  • Basics 3 – moderating comments, private and threaded replies and copying (43:41)
  • Advanced Skills (47:14)
Import to VoiceThread from a range of content libraries

How do I set it up?

At present, only faculty Learning Designers can create VoiceThread links in your iLearn unit.

Contact Alex, Bec & Bev:

More MQ Examples?

Check out the fruitful experiments and interactive applications by the Department of International Studies, Faculty of Arts:

(i) Visit the Faculty of Arts Toolbox iLearn unit

(ii) Click on the self-enrol button at the bottom of the list of convenors

(iii) Scroll down to Topic 12 ‘Communication and Collaboration’

(iv) Select the VoiceThread entitled ‘Copy of International Studies Presents – example uses from S1 2017

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