Get excited! Auto-Tutorial Groups in iLearn

This is a moment I have dreamed of for 6 years… Excuse me while I wipe away the tears of joy.

Development work has been done on iTeach, which will allow for Unit Convenors to automatically create Tutorial Groups in iLearn, that will be automatically updated when a student changes Tutorial Group in eStudent.  Units from Session 1 2018 will be able to use this new feature.

It’s a huge, time saving tool and means that you won’t have to wait until Week 4 to create Tutorial Groups in iLearn OR manually move students around when they change tutorials.

What will it look like in your unit? 

I’m glad you asked.  In Human Sciences we’ve successfully piloted this new feature in 4 units this year.  Here’s what it will look like:

What can you do with it?

You can allocate certain activities to certain groups, such as a discussion forum that is restricted to each tutorial group.  You can also allow students to view other tutorial group posts but not comment.  Pedagogically, smaller discussion groups help to create a learning community and students are more likely to contribute.

Functionally, teaching staff will be able to filter their view of student grades, forum or blog responses, etc by tutorial group.

If you’re excited as I am by this, email and we will make this happen for your S1 unit.

Written by Rebecca Ritchie, FoHS Learning Designer

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