Faculty Teaching Superstars announced

Recently, we wondered who our Faculty Teaching Superstar would be. Well, the wait is over – and we have not one, but three recipients of this student-nominated award.

Introducing our 2017 winners: 
Dr Anita Szakay (Department of Linguistics)
Annette Magee (Department of Educational Studies) and 
Mandy Yeates (Department of Educational Studies).


All three staff were nominated by students for their amazing ability to inspire, motivate, and transform learning – whilst consistently being all round outstanding, passionate teachers.  Sample rave reviews include

Anita has this amazing ability that gives students confidence in whatever they are faced [with] in the unit. Her content is quite difficult, however she always manages to express it in the most simplified ways to help us understand easily. Her passion for linguistics, especially phonetics, has made her perfect for teaching this degree… One day I hope I can mirror some of Anita’s fabulous qualities and traits. 


Annette has inspired us by constantly reminding us how special it is to be a teacher, and all the highlights we will have [in] our careers… She is very supportive, and established positive relationships with our class group very early on in the semester. Annette… contributed massively to my learning even in such a short time. She is highly dedicated and passionate about her role.


Mandy is such an incredibly passionate and energetic teacher. I absolutely love attending her two hour tutorials and perceive them to be a highlight in my university experience…   She brings a lot of life to the class and shares wonderful (relevant) stories which are inspiring….    I have always found her to be respectful and kind to all… I feel very supported as a student in her class.

Our winners were announced at the Vice Chancellor’s Academic Staff Awards Ceremony on 1st November.
Congratulations to you all!


Article written by Alex Thackray.

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