The Faculty Learning Support Team: What do we do?

Regular readers of And Gladly have already met the Faculty’s new Learning Support Team (LST).

We’re often asked “So what do you guys do?” and “What’s the difference in your roles?” so here’s a bit more about how we can help you and how to get in touch.

LST photo

(L to R: Rebecca Ritchie, Agnes Bosanquet, Alex Thackray)

Senior Learning Designers – Rebecca Ritchie and Alex Thackray

Rebecca and Alex can help you with:

  • Setting up and using iLearn tools
  • Set up / use / integration of other supported technologies such as iTeach, Echo, Zoom
  • Incorporating technology to support learning outcomes
  • Blended and online unit / program design
  • Designing your iLearn unit for student engagement
  • Designing your iLearn unit for particular circumstances such as large cohorts
  • Universal Design / Accessibility
  • Innovative educational approaches
  • Trialling new technologies
  • OUA learning support

How to contact Rebecca and Alex:

Senior Teaching Fellow – Agnes Bosanquet

Contact Agnes to find out about:

  • Teaching Induction Program (TIP), Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FiLT) and other professional development opportunities
  • Peer review of teaching
  • Developing a teaching portfolio
  • Balancing teaching and research
  • Learning and teaching policies and practices
  • Writing learning outcomes
  • Program-based curriculum planning
  • Strategies to support your teaching – e.g. managing large lectures, group work
  • Purposive curriculum design – e.g. undergraduate research, WIL, graduate capabilities
  • Implementing diverse assessment tasks
  • Providing effective and efficient feedback to students
  • Scholarship of learning and teaching
  • Regulatory frameworks for learning and teaching
  • Reflective practice
  • Evaluating your teaching and responding to formal and informal feedback from students

How to contact Agnes:

Send an email to

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