Improved S2 exams/results process

This semester, the Faculty will pilot a substantially simplified exams/results process. The aim is to reduce academic staff workload while maintaining quality.

The most obvious changes for unit convenors will be:

1. Simplification of the Convenor Report to two questions on moderation; and,

2. Electronic sign-off on results.

The Faculty is now fully responsible for the sign off of results so the onus is on all departments to ensure a robust process with accurate results.

See the new Convenor Report Template S2, 2014  along with a Convenor Report Example.

The key university dates are:

  • Monday November 17: Results entry into AMIS opens
  • Thursday December 11: Faculty updating privileges revoked at 3pm

The Faculty Examinations Meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 December from 11.30 – 2.30pm in X5B292. A light lunch will be provided.

Department Examinations meetings will be held as follows:


  • Honours Grading meeting on Monday 24 November at 9.30am
  • PG meeting – Monday 8 December at 12 pm
  • UG meeting (L&T) – Tuesday 9 December at 11am
  • Dept meeting – Wednesday 10 December at 9am – all the results are collated and ratified.


  • Tuesday 9 December 1.00 pm


  • Tuesday 9 December  12.00 pm


  • Tuesday 9 December 9.30-11.30 am


  • Monday 8 December 3 pm


  • Tuesday 9 December


  • Tuesday 9 December

If you have any questions, please email Mitch Parsell at

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