Celebrating FoHS staff and their teaching!

Let’s celebrate some of our colleagues’ achievements, who have been recognised for their work in learning and teaching.

As educators, we have an influential role in the lives of so many. Everyone remembers that one teacher, lecturer or tutor who sparked a passion in them, bolstered and believed in them or who became a role model.

As a student teacher on a prac, one of my supervisors said ‘Congratulations, you have entered one of the oldest and most noble professions.  Don’t ever forget that you are shaping the future, each day.’ 

It is a great reminder of how important learning and teaching is, and the work we do with students today will affect them and the greater world for years to come.

Australian Psychological Society Psychology Teacher of The Year (Macquarie University)

Congratulations Wayne Warburton!  This is an award voted by students and is the second year running that Wayne has won.

Dr Wayne Warburton, Snr Lecturer & Deputy Director of the Children and Families Research Centre
Dr Wayne Warburton, Snr Lecturer & Deputy Director of the Children and Families Research Centre

2, yes 2 out 3 Vice Chancellor Awards

  • Congratulations to Jean Brick – VC Award for Teaching Excellence

  • The  Organisational Psychology Team – VC Award for Programs that Enhance Learning
    Prof Barbara Griffin, Prof Mark Wiggins, Dr Monique Crane, Dr Ben Searle, Ms Linda Yeomans, Dr Mel Taylor, Dr Jaime Auton, and Dr Jennifer Barbour

    The Organisational Psychology Team
    The Organisational Psychology Team

2 out of 3 inaugural Teche Awards 

Congratulations to Rebecca Ritchie (yes, feels weird congratulating myself).


Written by Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca is a Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie.

She is passionate and opinionated about many things, including education, art, music, reading, postcards, coffee and Hello Kitty.

You can often find Rebecca queuing for coffee, hanging around the free postcard stand, browsing the books in the Co-op or wandering Wally’s Walk, the most popular walk on campus!

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