A new way for learning – Faculty Learning Support Teams and the Learning Innovation Hub

As most people are aware, the University is in the process of establishing a new structure for learning and teaching strategy and support.

Learning Innovation Hub

A new Learning Innovation Hub was launched last week to more efficiently assist faculties with the implementation of the Learning & Teaching Strategic Framework, while also continuing to manage and enhance learning technologies and teaching evaluation services at Macquarie.

Learning and teaching support for academic staff is now available locally via faculty support teams that will work closely with the Learning Innovation Hub. See more about our new FoHS team below.

The Learning Skills team will also remain available to staff and students from its new location within the Library. Please contact Tessa Green (tessa.green@mq.edu.au) with any inquiries.

A diagram of the new way of working can be viewed on the newly launched Learning Innovation Hub website.

“This new learning and teaching structure is designed both to place more resources at the direct service of faculties and also to enable the teams in the faculties and the team in the Learning Innovation Hub to work together with agility and common purpose to enhance our university’s learning and teaching enterprise,” said Professor John Simons, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

“The new model is particularly exciting for me as Associate Dean, as it provides support where it is most needed – in the faculties – without forgoing the essential role of central coordination,” added Dr Mitch Parsell, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Human Sciences, and Chair of the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee.

“The new approach promises to be agile, flexible and responsive to faculty needs, while supporting whole of institution innovation and strategy.”

We have already introduced Rebecca Ritchie (left below) and Alex Thackray (right below) as our newly appointed Senior Learning Designers in recent And Gladly’s.  Later in this edition, we present Agnes Bosanquet (centre below), our new Senior Teaching Fellow.

Rebecca, Agnes and Alex

We are currently working on a new model for Learning & Teaching support for the Faculty. If you are interested in participating, a planning day will be held in May and you are most welcome to join in. Details will be circulated in the next And Gladly.

In the meantime, we would really like to hear from you about:

  1. What are the main challenges you face with learning design in your day to day work?
  2.  What skills, resources and support do you need to realise your learning design ideas?
  3. What opportunities do you think the Faculty model brings?
  4. Any and all comments on how learning support should be delivered in the Faculty.

A Google doc has been established for your ideas, suggestions and comments – you can add your thoughts here

Further communication to Faculty staff and university-wide will be circulated. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Mitch Parsell with any questions or concerns at any time.

Your patience during this transition period has been appreciated and the new L & T design team looks forward to working with you in the future.

Need help?The fastest way to seek assistance with iLearn and learning technologies is to use the OneHelp system (ilearn.help@mq.edu.au).

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