2016 Information and Application Instructions for OLT Grants and a new Learning and Teaching Institute

Information and application instructions have been released for the following OLT grant programs in 2016:

  • Innovation and Development grants
  • Strategic Priority Commissioned grants

Information and application instructions can be found on the OLT website.

In 2016, one round of grants will be offered by the OLT, accepting both Innovation and Development grants, and Strategic Priority Commissioned grants. Expressions of Interest will not be accepted in 2016 by the OLT. Seed grants and extension grants will not be offered by the OLT in 2016.

The closing date of the 2016 round is Monday 2 November 2015.

Some minor changes in comparison to the 2015 application instructions are:

  1. The set up application instructions applies to both Innovation and Development grants and Strategic Priority Commissioned grants;
  2. Priority areas:
  3. For Innovation and Development grants: the same priority areas as in 2015, with some re-focused – see updated information provided per priority area;
  4. For Strategic Priority Commissioned grants: new priorities for 2016, to reflect current and emerging priorities as identified by the higher education sector;
  5. Project duration and funding: project duration is a maximum of two years, and funding is up to $500,000; and
  6. Further changes are outlined on page iv of the application instructions.

*Nomination instructions for Awards will be uploaded to the OLT website by the end of August 2015.

More information on Macquarie’s process for OLT submissions (including earlier Macquarie deadlines) can be found here: https://staff.mq.edu.au/teaching/awards_and_grants/grants/external/.

And as of 1 July 2016, a new learning and teaching institute will be established. Further information can be found on the OLT website http://www.olt.gov.au/may2015-new-institute-promote-excellence-teaching-and-learning.

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