How’s your student engagement factor so far?

Have your students started the session a little slower than you’d like? Wish they were more engaged from the very beginning? 20 Unit Convenors gave their students the chance to hit the ground running in Session 1 this year with the inclusion of KickStart in their units.

Showcase Unit

What’s all the fuss about KickStart, you say? Well, we’ve put together this self enrolling Showcase Unit so you can take a peek at what some of your colleagues have been creating with this new pre-session initiative.

Each topic in the Showcase Unit houses the KickStart package for the named unit.  You may want to browse through all of the units or just those from your faculty.  Each KickStart package includes standard elements, such as a welcome video from the Convenor, but each package also tries to capture the Convenor’s individual style and the direction they believe most suitable to aim for with their student demographic.

We welcome any feedback you would like to offer on KickStart which you can email to Victoria Taylor at We will be evaluating this current roll out of KickStart over the coming weeks in order to improve the initiative and to also share best practices in achieving successful outcomes in future iterations of KickStart.

KickStart Recap

KickStart is an additional, optional resource in a unit’s iLearn space released to students two weeks before session starts. KickStart aims to help students be better prepared for the unit as well as increase their motivation for taking the subject. Having students better understand the learning outcomes for the unit and build connections between the subject and students’ current knowledge and experience have been identified as important factors for KickStart to strive for.

To read more about the background to the KickStart initiative please visit our webpage.

Interested in having KickStart in your unit?

If you are interested in having assistance in creating a KickStart package for your unit please contact the relevant person below:

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