How do we use iLearn?

How do you use iLearn? Take a look at some interesting stats about iLearn that we thought were worthwhile sharing!
Did you know there were over 1,500 iLearn units running in Session 1, 2016? Macquarie teaching staff have certainly been very busy creating and maintaining their units this year!

Our iLearn Tech Team worked their magic with the iLearn database to show what we are using most in iLearn. The graph below shows how many Quizzes, iLearn Assignment dropboxes and Turnitin Assignments we used by faculty in Session 1, 2016.


Graph of iLearn statistics S1, 2016

Having just helped many Macquarie teaching staff at the iLearn Drop-in Clinic, I’m not surprised by these results. I saw some wonderful examples of how different iLearn activities can be used with students! In Session1, 2016 our top assessment activities included Quizzes, iLearn Assignments and of course Turnitin, which appears the clear winner here.

I expect a similar trend will continue with the new Assessment Policy recommending the use of electronic submission and text matching software. A Quiz early on in the session can also be an efficient way to support early feedback to students.

If you are feeling a touch of FOMO after reading this and would like to set up your assessment activities in iLearn, there is plenty of support available!

  • Follow an iLearn quick guide
  • Come along to an iLearn workshop
  • Email to ask a question or to request one to one help with a Learning Designer.