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Heads up – iLearn Scales

At Macquarie, three of the current four faculties are moving to full use of iLearn’s Gradebook to store and return grades to students. However, each department and faculty may have their own guidelines as to how the grades are returned (ie. some students have their grades returned as the MQ Grade descriptors rather than the raw, numerical grade).
One tweaking of a cliché that I like to use is that with iLearn, there are many roads that lead to Rome, meaning there are many ways of doing the same thing.  Returning MQ Grade descriptors to students is one example.  You can use Letters or a Scale.  Our strong recommendation is to use Letters for this purpose.
The grade Scales currently appearing by default in iLearn (under the tab of Scales in the gradebook) are not in line with the Macquarie University grading table.  These scales also do not contribute to the unit total in Gradebook, even if you use a numerical scale.  For that reason, we recommend only using scales for formative feedback.
Scales currently appear as an option for Grade in the settings when adding any iLearn activity type.  We cannot remove these scales are they are being used in some live units this session.  The alternative and recommended practice is to use Letters (keep reading…).

You will also find these as a tab in the Gradebook.  Those appearing under Letters are set according to Macquaries Grading Descriptors.  Those under Scales are not.

We understand that the Gradebook is a complex tool and we strongly recommend that you ask for support whenever you have any questions or would like your gradebook settings double checked by your faculty Educational Designer by emailing