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Gradebook import complete… or not?

You’ve consulted the quickguide for importing grades and have even watched the video, but your grade import still isn’t working. Here are a few common pitfalls that we encounter and more importantly, how to fix them:

  1. The file isn’t saved as a CSV or TXT file.  It’s easy to forget this step.  Convert your Excel file by going to File > Save As > CSV (Comma Separated Values) or TXT (plain text).  Then choose this file for import.
  2. You’re trying to import grade items (columns) that don’t exist in iLearn.  Create a manual column in Gradebook, or add the activity (quiz/assignment etc) in iLearn to create the grade item in Gradebook.  To help avoid these kinds of issues, we recommend setting up Gradebook completely before exporting an Excel version to work in.
  3. Headings in the spreadsheet don’t match the grade item (column) names in iLearn.  Make sure these are identical so that the data can map correctly.
  4. The spreadsheet column containing student ID numbers is incorrectly labelled.  Check that this heading name is ‘ID number’.
  5. Your spreadsheet contains test students or blank ID numbers.  Test students are normally pretty handy, but they’ll sabotage your grade import if you leave them in your spreadsheet.  Same with any other students whose student ID field is blank.  Delete them before importing the file.

Of course, you can always contact your faculty’s Education Designer for help by emailing, or attend our upcoming Gradebook drop in clinic sessions.