Google Glass wearer - image by Ted Eytan

Google Glass, Augmented Reality and 3D Scanning: Workshop at MQ

Ready to take learning to a new level?

  • Learn how to create Augmented Reality learning experiences using Layar, Aurasma and Sketchup (using both desktop and tablet authoring).
  • Find out about practical applications of 3D Augmented Reality experiences.
  • See how 3D scanning is already being used in teaching at Macquarie, and discover its potential for Augmented Reality learning.
  • Listen to Rob Manson from BuildAR talk about recent developments and latest innovations in the field.
  • And try out Google Glass for yourself!

Workshop: Creating Augmented Reality Learning Experiences

When: Tuesday 15 April 2014, 9am-2pm
Who: All Welcome
Details and registration here

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