Goodbye to Fiona Nicolson from all her colleagues at the LTC and Mac Uni

fiona nicolson
Fiona at farwell tea

Today LTC says goodbye to a prodigal daughter, Fiona Nicolson. Fiona has been with us for many years and she has had a tremendous impact on the quality of teaching and learning at Macquarie University.

We caught up with Fiona before she heads off; here is what she had to say.

Where will you be going?

The role is designing the curriculum for international education programs at RANZCO (Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists). It’s a new role created to support the goal of reducing avoidable blindness in the Asia-Pacific region through building the capacity of educational institutions.

What will you miss most about Mac uni?

I’ll miss working in the Faculty of Human Science – I’ve loved the opportunity to work with and support academics on their different programs. I will also miss my friends in the LTC very much. It’s been a real pleasure teaming up with academic and professional staff to share expertise and build new improved learning environments for our students.

What will you be applying from mac uni to your new job?

I’ve learned so much about curriculum design over the last 4 years at Macquarie. Working in multi-skilled teams with academics, learning designers, video/media producers all collaborating to address specific teaching challenges has been an amazing learning experience. So I’m sure I’ll be applying those skills in my new job.

What was your favourite part of the campus and why?

Apart from lunching at the staff cafe occasionally,  I really like the leafy, tree-lined part of Wally’s Walk near W6B.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Thanks for having me at Macquarie, and thanks to all the people that I worked with and learned from. I really hope we have a chance to work together again some time.

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