Getting students on our innovation agenda

A university without our students is unimaginable. So how could we imagine and plan the future of our university without broadly engaging our students?

Last week in Teche, I wrote about the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) and the Macquarie University Incubator projects, and how staff can contribute to planning and designing spaces and activities. There is also a focussed effort on engaging students in associated planning activities and collaborative opportunities.

Traditionally, similar activities have sparked interest from students in the Faculty of Business and Economics. While this may be seen as  a natural ‘fit’, the aspiration is to see broader student representation and participation in innovation initiatives, events and activities.

Here are a few ways that students can engage with related university communities:

  1. Via the many Student Societies, students can join and initiate activities linked to innovation, employment, collaboration. Some examples include:
  1. Via the MyMQ Newsletter: students are encouraged to voice their ideas about innovation, collaboration, hackathons and other events etc. Contact: or use the contribute form. Note that students are also welcome to contribute to Teche! (email

  2. Via Grapeshot: the student publication at Macquarie University. Students from all Macquarie campuses contribute to the publication, online and on facebook. Contact:
  3. Via the Student Representative Committee. The SRC take feedback from the Macquarie community and use that to advocate for change to improve the student experience.

If you’re a staff member, please share these opportunities with students throughout teaching sessions. Note these networks (in particular 2-4) are not limited to innovation agendas, but broader student advocacy connection points.