Get the fastest iLearn help

Want to know the fastest way to get iLearn help and what happens when you submit a request?

The quickest and easiest way to get iLearn help is to send an email directly to with the unit code and a detailed description of the issue.  If you require a face to face meeting, you may like to provide several options for days and times that work for you.

Note – Students should go through the mainstream OneHelp ticket process.

When you email it automatically creates a OneHelp ticket that is received directly by the iLearn Helpdesk.

The iLearn Helpdesk staff triage your request and investigate if it may be resolved at this stage. Technical issues requiring investigation will be escalated to the appropriate team member. Requests for face-to-face help will go to an Educational Designer.

You should always receive an initial response within 48 hours (usually faster) – excluding weekends.

Is there help within my Faculty?

Each faculty has a designated Educational Designer who is available to support you with the ‘how to’ aspects of iLearn.  They can:

  • Give advice on how to integrate technology or select/set up/use particular tools into your teaching.
  • Work with you to identify technical issues.
  • Provide group training on request.
  • Review your set up of various tools (e.g. iLearn quiz, assignments) and provide feedback based on your unit’s needs.

If you raise a ticket requesting face to face support from an Educational Designer they will always try to respond to your request as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that some lead time may be required, especially for appointments during peak periods.

Faculty Educational Designers are happy to meet individually with you, so if you would like to sit down with someone to go through a problem or question, please email  Making the request through means we can keep track of and deal with queries more efficiently.  If your faculty’s Designer is away, someone else in the team can see the ticket and respond instead.