Foolproof your Turnitin assignment setup

Set your Turnitin assignments up to work smoothly and avoid the iLearn Helpdesk (as much as we love helping you!)

Turnitin has recently been upgraded and you’ll find some great new features available to use. When you create your next iLearn space, you will need to set up your Turnitin assignments using the upgraded activity (old Turnitin assignments will not be copied across). This could be a good chance to check your setup. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Come along to the Turnitin setup workshop on Thursday 23 June, 10-11am in W6B357
  • Get one to one help at the iLearn Drop-in Clinic (18 July – 5 Aug)
  • Use the following tips when setting up your Turnitin assignment

Add your Turnitin assignment somewhere easy for students to find, eg a topic called “Assessment” at the top of your iLearn space. Give each Turnitin assignment a clear and distinct name to help students submit to the correct place, and provide clear instructions and a link to the student Turnitin guide in the summary section.

Ditch the coversheet

This adds unnecessary work for students and inflates the text matching percentage. Students must tick an agreement upon submission which serves the purpose of a coversheet.

Allow late submissions

Students can still upload their assignment after the due date but it will be flagged clearly in red.

Take note of the Post date

This is your marking deadline! Students will be able to see your Grademark feedback and their grade in the Gradebook after the post date.

Avoid using multiple parts

If you are grading online, creating an assignment with multiple parts can cause problems with the total marks and is best avoided.

Give students the responsibility

Allow resubmissions so students can re-upload their own file if they submit an incorrect one. Show students their originality report so they can assess their own academic writing skills and learn from it.