Remedies For Improving Your Life Using Turnitin

With assessment period looming, why not make life easier? Familiarise yourself with the top functions of Turnitin used by academics at Macquarie.

1. Move over Grademark, hello Feedback Studio!

As some of you may have noticed while marking assignments, Grademark is looking quite different. This is because, Macquarie has upgraded Turnitin using the new Feedback Studio view as part of the Moodle 3.1 upgrade. Feedback Studio offers a more simplified experience utilising similarity, grading and feedback in one user-friendly interface. Have a look at Alison’s ‘secrets‘ on using Feedback Studio for extra help.

2. Submit a paper without storing it on Turnitin

Do you need to check your paper for originality? Do you feel paranoid having your paper stored on the database? Worried about Turnitin flagging potential plagerism? Fear not, Turnitin has got your back! Academics can submit papers into Turnitin without having being stored on its database. Read my colleague, Amanda’s, run down on setting this up.

3. Percentages, what do they mean? Cutoffs for plagiarism

Ever wondered how much is to much? Both students and academics ponder on this question during assessment periods. To be frank, there’s no ‘exact’ number. Turnitin will flag any matching text regardless of quoted or cited material. Papers that appear unoriginal don’t mean the student has plagiarised. It’s on the instructor to determine if the paper is legitimate or not. Take a look at our percentage ranges to help figure out if the paper is worth following up on.

4. Submit any file type into Turnitin – it’s a thing!

Turnitin is no longer restricted to only accepting text files. Academics can now enable submissions and provide feedback for any file type including Excel, images or even audio and video! A word of caution, if you require Turnitin to check for similarity then you will still need students to submit either a Word or PDF file.

5. Where can iLearn more?

The Learning Innovation Hub offers workshops on Turnitin and other learning technologies. Find out upcoming events and register today!

Don’t have time to attend the workshop? No worries! Take a look through the Turnitin quick guides or email us at for further assistance.